LIU Graduation Speech 2021


Business Competition & Ramadan Fundraising Event – SoBU Nabatieh Campus

On April 16th, the School of Business at the Lebanese International University – Nabatieh Campus – held an exciting event entitled “Business Competition & Ramadan Fundraising Event” with the main purpose of donating all the proceeds during the Holy Month of Ramadan in a way that encourages students to become more engaged and active members of the university and society as a whole, building their team spirit and their social responsibility. The event started at 9:00 am and was open to around 500 LIU students, instructors and staff. During the event, attendees participated in various activities such as Play and Win Games (Academic Games), Booths delivering foods from different countries, Live Cooking Stations, Elegant and Tasty Desserts, Handmade Wood Art, Henna Drawings, Photo-Booths, Piñata, Tombola and many others.

Fortunately, Mr. Joachim Mayer from Worms University-Germany, accompanied by our Provost Dr. Ali Tarabay, visited the campus to host an orientation for the SoBU students who may be interested to learn about the Dual degree programs and study exchange opportunities in International Management at the BBA and MBA levels with Worms University. Their presence added a significant value to the event, where they took part in participating in all activities.

The event which lasted till 2:30 pm, ended by distributing valuable tombola gifts to a significant number of participants who had the opportunity to be part of this fun, engaging experience that was the result of tremendous efforts and dedication from the parties involved in planning, organizing and implementing the event, specifically Mr. Hassan Houmani – SoBU Assistant Dean at Nabatieh Campus, Ms. Dana Hayek – event planner and Marketing Department instructor, Mrs. Farah Rammal – Finance Department instructor, Mrs. Sarah Wehbe and Chef Khodor Dia – Hospitality Department instructors, and not to forgot the students who helped in every way possible.

The amount collected is 7,475,000 L.L. and will be allocated to orphans in different aspects. The School of Business at Nabatieh Campus is very proud of its achievement, and hoping to always strive for more success in collaboration with the students. Finally, we extend our sincere appreciation to our Dean Dr. Farid Abdallah, Nabatieh Administrative Director Mr. Wael Rabah and Nabatieh Academic Director Professor Hassan Khachfe for their continued support and encouragement.