Dr. Jerome's visit

The Biological and chemical Sciences department (BCSC) at Saida campus hosted Dr. Jérôme GAY-QUEHEILLARD, a researcher from the University of Picardie Jules Verne, France. Dr. QUEHEILLARD delivered a talk to the students entitled: "Pesticides and perinatality: impacts on newborn health and contributions from experimental models". In his presentation, Dr. QUEHEILLARD talked about the pesticides and their classification, their use and environmental presence, the sources of exposure, what is going on in food and the exposure in newborn. Also, he emphasized on the health effects of pesticides (growth development, congenital malformations, effects on physiological functions, cancers, neurological disorders) and the contributions from the experimental models in animals on the digestive system, pulmonary system, metabolism, food intake, sleep, nervous system. This presentation was an opportunity for the students to be exposed to the world of international research in order to be familiar with the scientific research, its challenges and its contribution to human health.