LIU Graduation Speech 2021


Stand Up to Cancer

In the presence of Dr. Adel Al Rae, Chairman of Al Raii Council Committee, the Pediatric Oncology staff at Al Raee Hospital supervised by Dr. Hassan Khalifeh , and the sick children and their parents, LIU proudly hosted a "Stand Up to Cancer" Fundraising campaign at LIU Saida Campus.

The event was stimulating and inspiring, attributed to the strong organizing committee chaired by the Assistant Dean of School of Education, Dr. Afif Hejazi and PhD candidate Ms. Sahar Alameh. The content of the dialogue entitled "Cancer of Children: between Pain and Hope" was rich, motivating, inspiring, and precise. The words of the two survivors, Areej and Reem, who have battled with cancer for 3 consecutive years, were touching but inspiring at the same time. It was really a promising event!