LIU Graduation Speech 2021


The International Health Day event – Al Rahma High School – Nabatieh

The School of Arts and Sciences (Biomedical and Fine arts design department) at the Lebanese International University, Nabatieh campus, has been invited to the Al Rahma High School which organized an event about the International health Day on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019. The students gained a good experience in dealing with youth and adults in terms of both, communication and human relations. They also shared their knowledge about the importance of health care (through hematocrit tests and presentations about Anemia), which helped the high school students acquire more information about their health and exposed them to our BMED students.
The event also included an Art exhibition by our fine arts students, in which they expressed ways to take care of one’s health through different forms of Arts.
This event was supervised by Dr. Ehsan Askari and Mr. Wael AlZoar
Lastly, we would like to thank our beloved students who showed great assistance, enthusiasm, and cooperation.