LIU Graduation Speech 2021


2019MoneySmart Youth Boot Camp – School of Business - Saida Campus

A two-day Boot Camp was held at Saida Campus. 120 students from different universities has attended the 2019MoneySmart Boot Camp at LIU.

2019MoneySmart Youth is designed for senior university/college students, undergraduates and graduates, young employees and young entrepreneurs between the age of 20 – 28. 2019MoneySmart aims to empower the younger generation with knowledge, skills and a new mindset about money management, which will hopefully contribute, in the long-term, to a positive change in Lebanon and to a better economy.

The boot Camp is designed to include both financial knowledge and specific practical techniques to get youth on their way to becoming 2019MoneySmart and achieving financial freedom. The 2019MoneySmart boot Camp included several plenary sessions and workshops, 9 interrelated topics presented by qualified top-level trainers and a panel of guest speakers sharing life experiences.The boot camp was a combination of information, hands-on activities, group discussions and games that demonstrate the following financial literacy concepts: Financial responsibility and decision making, Managing financial and non-financial assets, Creating wealth and reaching career objectives and Risk management.