LIU Graduation Speech 2021


Leadership Skills Workshop- Employ ability Skills Program- School of Business- Saida Campus

The Leadership Skills workshop, organized by the School of Business was at the Saida Campus and given by Mr. Anthony Abu Rashed, trainer at DPNA. The workshop’s aim was to train students on the leadership skills they need to acquire effective coaching techniques, master problem analysis, engage in effective decision-making, communicate change, strengthen listening skills, and guide a team to success. The various lessons on leadership were delivered through hands-on activities. One of the activities was a creative one that required students to draw a picture to reflect their understanding of a good leader, followed by a discussion. Another was a debate between two groups of students on the characteristics of a leader, an activity that not only led students to outline the traits of a leader but also showed them the importance of effective leadership in negotiation, conflict resolution, and group management.