LIU Graduation Speech 2021


Economic Realities and Prospects in Lebanon – LIU ML Campus

The First SoBU seminar, which was held on Wednesday October 9th, 2019 at Mount Lebanon campus, in the Amphitheater on the third Floor, Block A, was provided by Dr. Louis Hobeika, who is an eminent figure in the field of economics.

Dr. Hobeika is a PhD holder in Economics and Finance and is an Expert on WTO and Aluminum. He has held several academic and non-academic positions in the field. Namely: as Country and Financial Economist of the World Bank, in Washington D.C. U.S.A. He also was the Chairman and CEO of a known telecommunications company in Lebanon. Finally, he acted as the Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce–Lebanon. He currently is its Honorary Secretary General and Board Member.

This Seminar basically covered the macroeconomic policies that govern the country, through the regulatory central bank (fiscal policies) and the banking sector in general (monetary policies) plan on enforcing as a response to the economic situation, along with their effects on both local producers and consumers (through microeconomics indicators).

During the seminar, a Q & A session was held. Our students started asking questions pertaining to the current situation, such as: inflation, unemployment, the stability of the local currency with respect to the US Dollar, etc. Around 200 of our students took part in the seminar, along with several faculty members from different schools.