MIS - Google Developers Communities Article

On Saturday October 13, 2018 students from the Lebanese International University-The International University of Beirut were privileged to have been invited by Ms. Rayan Al Zahab Google Developer Expert and Digital Analyst at McKinsey Digital Labs and Mr. Ahmad Zein the Lead at Google Developer Group (GDG) Coast Lebanon and former student of the Lebanese International University to Google DevFest Lebanon 2018 at the American University of Beirut.

Ms. Al Zahab in collaboration with the MIS department chairperson Ms. Lina Shouman and the system analysis and design coordinator provided an opportunity for students to intertwine the course curriculum with the latest technologies within the industry. The founders Ms. Al Zahab and Mr. Zein opened the stage by highlighting the importance of knowledge from all areas and backgrounds within Lebanon and for the elimination of discriminatory practices in the endeavor to create environments of progression and sustainability within the field of technology. Real life stories were shared to portray the hope and prospects which are in existence within the challenging surroundings of the region.

Several Google Tech Experts discussed the numerous trends that are shaping the future of technology, such as the development in the domains of UX design, games, virtual reality, security, healthcare, state of the web, machine learning, and Firebase. The sharing of knowledge and experiences within the global information system framework of analysis, design and development is a continual process which in time advances communities and evolves into lifelong learning.