LIU Graduation Speech 2021


What is the office of International Relations? How does it benefit our students, LIU, and stakeholders?

The office of International Relations (IRO) at LIU is of the purpose in pursuing LIU’s internationalisation aspiration Indeed, the IRO is responsible for developing and coordinating international relations and activities, among others, it includes initiatives concerning students and staff mobility, international educational agreements, funding opportunities and alike.

Given the global orientation of the Lebanese International University, the office of International Relations is an instrumental and indiscpensable asset towards making significant progress for such purpose and direction. In this regard, actions are afoot in crafting a strategic plan that will set out goals, objective at various levels.

  1. Institutional Level: 
    1. Internationalization: The office will work on the development and implementation of the strategic plan for internationalization, which will also include adapting LIU’s curricula to align with international competences and standards as well as enhancing LIU’s profile and reputation. 
    2. The office in coordination with other academic units will strive to forge partnerships with foreign universities on providing joint or dual degree programs. Additionally, the office will play an important role in enhancing the universities international network and participating in calls for international project proposals. 
    3. International reference point: The IRO as a central hub within the university will manage and supervise all international activities as well as act as a reference to any international student/ faculty / staff mobility exchange and mobility.
    4. International Image and Outreach: Step by step, the IRO will be building on the international profile of LIU, scaling up to reach new audiences abroad.
  2. Stakeholder Level: 
    1. The office will work on developing and managing international exchange and mobility opportunities for LIU students / faculty and staff.
    2. The office will assist students and staff in activities concerning mobility, scholarship opportunities, exchange programs, and available grants.
    3. The office shall foster and so maintain contact with alumni.
    4. Students will gain international experience, developing global skills they need to succeed in the 21st century job market. 

It is important to note that IRO will be working in coordination with all schools at LIU to facilitate whichever international agendas as they relate to and actively participating with all local. Regional and international stakeholders, such as partnership agreements and exchange opportunities. The IRO will thus work towards the strengthening of the international efforts of LIU through various activities, while encouraging the active participation of all stakeholders.



Dr. Anwar Kawtharani has been serving as the Dean of the School of Education at the Lebanese International University since 2010. Currently he is the new Director of the international Relations Office at LIU as of 2021 and as the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) to European projects. Dr. Kawtharani is the committee chair of the Scientific Association of Faculties of Education in Faculty of Education in Arab Universities as of 2021. Dr. Kawtharani has been serving on the Executive Board of Assessment for the Lebanese Official Baccalaureate Exams committee on English Language for secondary classes at the Ministry of Education in Lebanon since 2001. He is the Head of the English Language department at AMJAD High School since 2000 and Head of the Quality Assurance for accreditation since 2000. He is also an advisor and examiner to PhD candidates in the field of Education and TEFL at the Lebanese University since 2013. He has been one of the International School Award Ambassadors for the British Council in Beirut since 2005. Dr. Kawtharani serves as a permanent member on the Arab Council of Universities on Quality Assurance as of 2017 after being the Head of the International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance hosted by the Lebanese International University in 2018, and 2019. Dr Kawtharani has served as advancED then and currently COGNI review member and certified eleot observer in the Middle East and North Africa since 2017.  Not to forget, Dr. Kawtharani has coauthored academic books and contributed to research articles in the field of Education and TESL. Finally, Dr. Kawtharani is a regular Football analyst for European Leagues on International TV stations.



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