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Brazil and Lebanon, A Special Relation


The Lebanese International University hosted Mr. Jorge Kadri, the ambassador of the world’s 5th largest country; Brazil.

Mr. Kadri presented a seminar under the title “Brazil and Lebanon, A Special Relation” in the presence and under the auspices of the University President His Excellency Mr. Abdul Rahim Murad, who described Lebanon as his mother and Brazil as his father.

The event started with the Lebanese National Anthem followed by the Brazilian National Anthem, then a video featuring the Brazilian culture from biodiversity, infrastructure, hospitality, business opportunities, sports in nature, festivals, history and art, tradition and modernity, to advanced technology and unique experiences was displayed before Mr. Kadri took the platform and presented the seminar.

The seminar was divided into two parts. During the first part, Mr. Kadri gave a brief introduction about the Brazilian resources, Brazil’s agriculture, foreign trade, Foreign Service, and culture. During the second part of the seminar Mr. Kadri talked about the long-lasting diplomatic relations between Lebanon and Brazil and the two countries’ recent agreements, MOU for the establishment of political consultations, Visa Exemption Agreement for holders of official and diplomatic passports, and the Cultural and Educational Cooperation Agreement.

And, after Mr. Kadri finished talking about the intense diplomatic relationship between Lebanon and Brazil, the door was opened for all attendees to ask the ambassador any additional questions. Among the most significant questions, was one directed by Mrs. Manal Sharab as follows “How can we invest in education as an industry through connectivity and employing the effective relationships between both countries?” where Mr. Kadri responded “Lebanon is far beyond Brazil in education, which still has a long way to develop its educational system”.

At the end of this historical event, the president presented trophies and certificates to the Brazilian Ambassador.



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