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Technology Addiction and Social Behavior – Tyre campus


On January 9, 2017, the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology arranged the “Technology Addiction and Social Behavior” seminar.

The talk was given by Mrs. Nisreen Nasr (Trainer in the field of Mental Health and Specialist in Clinical Psychology).

The purpose of the seminar was to highlight the presence of Technology Addiction among Teenagers (Internet Addiction, Smart phone and Video games addictions, etc...). Much attention was paid to the compulsive use of technological gadgets which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on the family, friends and social relationships. The talk insisted on the use of technology as a tool not as a mindless companion.

The event started with a short video showing the social behavior of people addicted to the Internet and Social Media. During the seminar, the “Internet Addiction Test” (validated by the Center for Internet Addiction in BradFord, England) was distributed to the Audience (Students and Instructors) to measure their Internet use in terms of mild, moderate to several levels of addiction.

At the end of the seminar, a Certificate of Appreciation is offered to the Speaker as a kind gesture to thank her for sharing her valuable knowledge and experience.

Finally, Tombola was held and gifts were offered to the Audience: dining invitations, vouchers and full HD Receiver. Certificates of Sponsorship were also provided to the Sponsors of the event: Al-Houda Electronics, Chamseine, GalaxyToys, Kingo Copy Center, TabliyetMassad restaurant.



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