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LIU’s Success Strategy and Long Term Effect with European Union in Slovenia


Dr. Ali Tarabay, Provost, and Dr. Anwar Kawtharani, Dean for School of Education travelled to Slovenia to participate in an International Conference entitled “The Way towards Ethical Education-Good Practices in the Education of Refugees and Migrants” from 9 -16th January. , 2017.

LIU in general and the School of Education in particular were extremely proud to have been an official partner in this Conference as cordially hosted by Ms. Tanja Fajon of the European Parliament, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Conference program consisted of plenary lectures, Round Tables, symposiums, workshops, and poster demonstrations. Invited lecturers came from the following countries: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Slovenia. A 15 minute movie of LIU's engagement with LASER and UNRWA was shown, as well

One outcome, a published book155 page in length, both in English and in Slovenian was distributed to Members of the European Parliament, UN, international and national NGOs and Universities across Europe, Australia and Middle East. This book titled “knowledge for my Dreams -cover page attached) aims to serve as didactic tools for teachers and case studies in the international community. LIU’s engagement in the book was immense.

In addition to a paper presentation by Dr. Anwar Kawtharani and Dr. Ali Tarabay's involvement in a Round Table discussion at this venue, Lectures were also delivered at four Slovenian Universities on the following topics:
1. How LIU pioneered "the Educate Migrant Initiative" by mapping its curriculum and meet 21st Century skills?
2. How LIU is leading its reform in Quality Assurance and Self Directed Learning in its Schools?
3. Latest core skills of the 21st century that should facilitate 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Higher Education and New dimensions in curriculum mapping .
4. The Middle East and Europe: Historical Legacies and Fractured Relations.



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