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SOP Physical Activity Day


The school of Pharmacy organized Physical Activity Day on Tuesday, April 4th , 2017, with the theme of Fit to Benefit.

The aim was to emphasize on the importance of exercise on our overall health and give the opportunity for our students to be active for at least one day a year.

The event started with a bake sale, followed by a students’ posters presentation.

Students and instructors competed in different fun games as pushups, situps, planks, and others. Then they actively participated in five sports classes by Radical Fitness ( X55, FACTOR F, UBOUND, MEGADANZ, FIGHT DO).

Two basketball matches were done; first match was played between ladies instructors and students. Second Match was played between male instructors and students.

Both teams of students won, and winners were given a trophy by the Dean Dr Mohamad Rahal.

The event was concluded with appreciation certificates from the students to the organizing instructors: Dr Mariam Dabbous, Dr Ahmad Dimassi, Dr Bahia Chahine, and Dr Mariam Sraj.

All students and faculty had a lot of fun during this day.



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