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Orphan's Iftar - School of Business- Saida Campus


On Friday, June 16 the School of Business at the Saida Campus hosted an Iftar for 43 children from Sidon Orphan Welfare Society (Saida Generations School) and Al Mabarrat Charitable Organization, in coordination with McDonalds at Play House.

Children played on inflatable toys, electronic games, and other outdoor games. Several entertainment activities were organized for the children before Iftar such as face paintings, dancing, singing and other interactive games. At the end of the Iftar, kids celebrated the blessings of Ramadan and Eids with students and instructors and received their Eid gifts.

Through this Iftar, we tried to give these children a sense of joy even if it was for a short time. But they gave us an everlasting love and joy.



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