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It is with this spirit, that this Symposium organised by the SoAS at Mount Lebanon campus started this year and entitled Public Health and Safety. This Academic Meeting has enabled our guest speakers to share their skills and knowledge with our community.
Our aim is to make a real difference in the daily life of our community by making the science an art of communication and an integral  part of our everyday activities. This awarness campaign  has highlighted the following topics related to public health and safety :

Diabetes : a preventable and controlable disease by Dr. Maya Barake , MD., MSc., endocrinologist at Clemenceau Medical Center and Bellevue Medical Center

Eating disorders: prevention and treatment  by Dr. Michel Nawfal , Mental Health Professional, Clinical Psychologist and General Medicine Doctor - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Prescribing Psychotherapist, and Medical Advisor (CRP) in Neuroscience/Psychiatry for the Middle-East  

Respiratory tract infectious diseases by Dr. Abdo Alam, MD. In Pulmonary and critical care medecine at Haroun Hospital, Hayek Hospital and Sacre Cœur Hospital.


Pediatric Infectious diseases and treatment  by Dr. Rudy Matta,  MD., Pediatric Gastrenterologist at St. Georges Hospithal University Medical Center.


Cyber crimes (Risks, tools, and protection) by Dr. Kassem Ahmad : assistant professor at the School of Arts and Sciences at the Lebanese International University



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