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Impact of Technology in the World of Microfinance


On Tuesday May 3, 2017 at Mount Lebanon campus the School of Business, Management Information Systems Department was privileged to have the presence of Mr. Georges Lteif the IT and MIS manager at Al Majmoua. Al Majmoua - The Lebanese Association for Development is an independent non-profit Lebanese microfinance institution (MFI) following international best practices.   https://www.almajmoua.org/
The objective of the seminar was to provide the university’s students with the fundamental knowledge and information about the importance of MIS in improving and developing new systems and the values added to the organization’s operations and the client process. The presentation was focused on the following fundamental points:

  1. The concept of microfinance and the impact of microfinance on the Lebanese market.
  2. The mission of Al Majmoua.
  3. The old system used at Al Majmoua and the pre-plan to change and implement the new system based on Al Majmoua vision.
  4. The new MIS at Al Majmoua, which contains "MIS Selection and Comparison, Gap Analysis, Project Plan, and ROI”.
  5. Implementation, testing and launching of the new system at all the branches, with integration and connectivity of all the departments.

Mr. Lteif presented a current status of the organization, number of clients, staff and portfolio. He demonstrated their old MIS and the challenges the organization used to face while doing their daily operational work. Mr. Lteif then presented the importance of the organizational vision and how it would affect the roadmap of an institution. In addition, he followed the discussion with a presentation of their last MIS migration, and the challenges they faced while moving to the new system.
Mr. Lteif explained to students the importance and the growth of management information systems within an education major and in business. Management information systems support in information generation, communication, problem identification and the process of decision making. Therefore, MIS plays a vital role in the management, administration and operation of an organization.
Furthermore, Mr. Lteif advised the students regarding the involvement of the departments to ensure that a healthy deployment was provided throughout the organization. An explanation was also presented about the current features of the new system and how important it is to have a contingency plan when deploying a new MIS.



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