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Future Trends in Technology Day


On Thursday May 4, 2017 at the Beirut Campus the School of Business, MIS Department invited the university and wider community to the Future Trends in Technology Day. The department was honored and privileged to have the opportunity to present interdisciplinary institutions in the endeavor to create a cognizance for all of the integration between academia, industry, and government institutions within an innovative environment of higher education.

On a universal platform, information systems remain the key to innovation and the development of knowledge. With the progress of individuals, organizations, and communities, the power of MIS has created a business, technological, and societal impact within the smart environment, which allows for sharing knowledge, business intelligence and decision making processes through various networking resources. The changes being made by local intellectual capital creates an electronic motion that crosses boundaries to reach global standards.

The following is an overview of the dynamism projected throughout the event.

Sesssion I
Opening Ceremony and Welcome Notes
Mr. Bilal Jibai, Chairperson, MIS Department
Dr. Farid Abdallah, Dean, School of Business
Mr. Omar Salloum, Keynote Speaker, Vice President, Global Telecom Evolution (KLEOS)
Presentation and Discussion, Elevate (UNICEF and AltCity)

Panel Discussion: Entrepreneurship and Business Applications
Panelists are specialized as follows:                                                             

  1. Mr. Rabih Maalouf - Founder, LightSense / Future Entrepreneurship in Lebanon
  2. Ms. Nisreen Deeb - Chair, ArabicWIC Lebanon Chapter / Cloud Computing
  3. Mr. John Balian - CEO, BIM POS / POS, ERP and IT Solutions for Hospitality and Retail Management
  4. Dr. Wafi Chaar - Director, Hloul / Business Analytics and ERP applications 
  5. Mr. Fadi Bizri - Partner, B&Y / Ventures

Moderator: Mr. Bilal Ghalib, Program Developer – AltCity, Nawaya, GEMSI

Sesssion II
AltCity - How to Launch a Startup in Lebanon and Funding Source
UK Lebanon Tech Hub - Entrepreneurship, the ICT Sector and Technology
Ms. Mona Itani - Founder, Riyada - Technology for Good...the Need for Social Innovators
Mr. Krix Berberian - Creative Director, TBWA\RAAD, How to Cook an Idea
Microsoft - Microsoft Applications
Mr. Mohammed Al-Hashimi - Senior Systems Engineer, Cisco, Internet of Things (IoT)
Raidy - 3D Printing


Session III
Flat6Labs Informative Session

Panel Discussion: Internet and Telecommunications
Panelists are specialized as follows:

  1. Mr. Ahmad Itani - Senior Telecom Engineer, Ministry of Telecommunications / Submarine Fiber Optic Cables
  2. Mr. Semaan Baini - Senior Sales Engineer, Calix / Gpon, NG-PON2
  3. Mr. Mohammed Al-Hashimi - Senior Systems Engineer, Cisco / IoT and Fog Computing
  4. Mr. Marc Nader - COO, Data Consult / IoT

Moderator: Dr. Ahmad Raad, Telecom Consultant at the Ministry of Telecom and
Professor at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering, Telecom Department

Final Session
Concluding Speech - His Excellency Nicolas Sehnaoui, Former Minister of Telecommunications

Distribution of Trophies to His Excellency Nicolas Sehnaoui, Panelists, and Workshop Presenters

- AltCity
- Flat6Labs
- ArabWIC
- Riyada
- Bank Audi 
- Raidy
- Calix
- Torch Academy

The MIS department continues to develop with a vision for students to appreciate their own culture and environment. The educational process has been modernized by creating an active learning ambience where the educator is no longer the “sage on the stage”, but rather the “guide on the side” as all move together to seek information and build a common body of knowledge, which leaves a significant memory of application. The sharing of thoughts will enlighten the next generation of Tech-Knowledg-e seekers to move beyond the boundaries and be the source of an open community for a unified nation.



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