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Digital Hospitality Management


(The Hospitality Department’s Innovative Curricula  Plan in collaboration with Bim POS.)

“BIM POS is a provider of a full spectrum of point-of-sale, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and IT solutions for hospitality and retail management

 the Hospitality Management Department will install the BimPos software and the BHTM curricula & teaching will be switched from the conventional hospitality teaching method into digital teaching.

The hospitality department will be able to include a Hospitality Management software in 90% of the courses, thus simulating a typical restaurant, bakery, or cafĂ© in terms of software and hardware. That’s what all the students need to know before going to the real-world.

The Courses will be divided into 2 main parts: 

   a-The theoretical concepts (managerial theories)
   b- Applying the theories using the software installed by Bim POS./ Creating a simulation of real time work experience


The suggested Software includes several modules and in each course we will teach a specific module. For example:

1- In the Restaurant Management Course: BHTM340, we will start by teaching the student from the book and then we will use the software to train the student on: 

a.     Serving Customers techniques 
b.     Taking orders on POS (delivery, take-away, dine in) 
c.     Managing deliveries & pickup orders 
d.     Tip management 
e.     Managerial POS activities 
a.     Opening the day 
b.     Cashing out users/delivery drivers 
c.     Closing the day/EOD operation 
d.     Reading sales (how and why) 
e.     Voids & discounts (how to properly manage) 
f.      Promotions & discounts & happy hours 
g.     System charges, delivery charges, minim table charge, entertainment charge 


As for the BHTM425 - Food & Beverage cost control , same issue , we will discuss the concept and then apply on the software: 

2.     menu engineering 
3.     cross tab reports 
4.     creating recipes & sub recipe 
5.     understanding units and conversion of units 
6.      raw materials & sub-recipes 
7.      preparation methods & CCPS 
8.     costing of recipes and pricing (average cost, last cost) 
9.      producing items vs. polling recipe strategy 

The above are two examples, and this will be applied for BHTM340 - BHTM425- BHTM311 (Housekeeping management) - BHTM495 - Revenue Management - BHTM445 -Events Management. (and the list will continue after we finalize what we need).

Using the digital teaching method, the students will:

1- Enjoy the course
2- Learn faster 
3- Perform better
4- Have a real simulation of work environment and link the theory with the practice.
5- Become very well trained for market needs
6- Have a training certificate from Bim POS (that can be listed on the CV as an added skill)


As on a University Level competition, introducing this new change in the curricula, the LIU will become the First in integrating innovative technology in the Hospitality Management courses.

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