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Project Management - Critical Skills For All Aspects of Life


On Tuesday May 2, 2017 at Bekaa campus the School of Business, Management Information Systems Department was privileged to have the presence of Mr. Mounir Ajam the Co-Founder and CEO of SUKAD group who delivered a seminar about project management. SUKAD is a leading project management regional company that provides project management training and consultancy for many large companies and SMEs in the Middle-East.

The objective of the seminar was to provide the university’s students with the fundamental knowledge and information about the importance of project management and its contribution to the business success and development. Accordingly, the seminar was focused on the following central points: Importance of Project Management, Project Management and Organizational Perspective, Project Management Methodology, Project Success, and Careers and Certifications.

The guest speaker Mr. Ajam started elaborating on the strategic importance of project management in terms of business success and development by giving real examples about several regional companies operating in different business industries. Furthermore, he provided a rich explanation about the organizational need for project management and how the project management relevant methodologies, concepts, and frameworks can equip organizations with the relevant project management processes which ultimately lead to the successful execution of the strategic projects adopted by the business organizations. Consequently, supported by numerous real examples from various organizations the strategic relationship and interdependencies between business organizations and project management were highlighted, explained, and proved.

Finally, Mr. Ajam explained for students the career path of project management and certification tracks and how they can achieve such certifications and the prerequisites for each program. In addition, Mr. Ajam advised the students who are interested in pursuing project management as a profession to get certified in order to gain a competitive advantage in the job market, because such certificates have become an essential requirement for most of the local and regional companies.



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