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Big Data Analytics and Tools


On Monday April 10, 2017 at the Bekaa campus the School of Business, MIS department was delighted to host a seminar entitled “Big Data Analytics and Tools”. The session was presented by Dr. Hassan Nasser an active researcher in the field of big data analytics, to discuss the business applications, technologies, platforms, and tools.

Dr. Nasser commenced the discussion by applying a mini-case study – Galvin Computers Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection – in which swift, real-time, and intelligent (SRI) decision making was highlighted to be an important factor, not only to elevating organizational performance, but also to avoiding probable turbulent situations. “Contemporary approaches to SRI call for analyzing the voluminous data captured by large organizations”, Dr. Nasser stated. It was apparent that this lead the discussion towards the four essential cores of the presentation.

The first core discussed the evolution of business intelligence (BI) and analytics, with numerous concepts being accurately and concisely conveyed to the audience, hence gaining their attention to the developments within the field. The concepts included BI, data warehousing, real time data warehousing, big data, data mining, web mining, text mining, and big data analytics.

The second core was enriched by examples and short stories, and several analytical applications were described in the seminar. The focus was on applications of analytics in e-commerce, market and competitive intelligence as well as in healthcare and wellbeing.

The third core was the objectives of big data analytics tools and technologies. Dr. Nasser named and briefly described the technologies and tools for collecting, gathering, and analyzing data. The focus was on GIS and Hadoop and its business logic processor MapReduce.

The final core was the most interesting segment of the presentation in which the speaker introduced “Tableau” as a software application empowered by many tools for designing and creating extensive data visualization. A data set was prepared by the speaker to demonstrate the power of the Tableau application in visualizing the data. Dr. Nasser generated several reports and used them in designing a dashboard showing the performance of the virtual company, for which the data set was originally created. Beyond the demonstration, additional features and capabilities of Tableau were highlighted, and the session was concluded by answering questions from an appreciative audience.



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