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Like in every occasion, the marvellous School of Business team in Nabatieh will always continue to make a difference in our society, and will always prove that they belong to LIU and its mission in supporting the community.

A couple of weeks before the Christmas break, the Assistant Dean of the SoBU in Nabatieh, Mr. Ali Mouazzen, was informed by Al Mabarrat Association - Nabatieh Branch - that they were in need for clothes. He assembled a team and started the clothes collection drive. By the end of the last school day in December, the team had collected 1543 items varied between clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, toys and perfumes.

The items collected were sorted, packed, and sent to the kids in Prophet Issa Orphanage - of Al Mabarrat Association - in Nabatieh on Christmas Eve.

Special thanks should go to the students Mr. Khodor Issa, Ms. Zeinab Yassine, Ms. Nancy Kalout, Mr. Hassan Hadid, Ms. Razan Rihani, to SoBU instructor Mrs. Fatima Mzannar, and SoBU Assistant Dean Mr. Ali Mouazzen for all the time and efforts they used and exerted towards successfully ending such an activity.



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