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The Safest Blood Donors Are Voluntary - Tyre Campus


The safest blood donors are voluntary, non-paid blood donors. This being said, the Biomedical Science Department (BMED) in Tyre campus and in collaboration with Lebanese Red Cross-Tyre section Hosted Blood donation awareness event at LIU-Tyre campus.

On December 14, Lebanese Red Cross personnel, Mr Wissam Banjak provided a 30 minutes seminar with an objective to create wider awareness of the need for regular blood donation, and inspired those who have not yet donated blood to start donating. In addition, Mr Banjak explained conditions that each needs to have to be able to donate blood. He emphasized that “Any healthy person aged between 18 and 65 with the minimum weight of 50 kg can become a blood donor”. The seminar was followed by answering questions of attendees.

On December 19, Lebanese Red Cross did the blood donation event from 10:00 AM till 14:00 PM. LIU-Tyre students had the opportunity to voluntary donate their blood. Following filling the required questionnaire regarding donor history, student’s weight, blood pressure and hemoglobin level were obtained prior blood donation. More than 65 students applied for blood donation and blood was taken from donors with acceptable safety conditions.

In parallel, the event activities included, food counter prepared by biomedical students with variety of sandwiches, desserts, decorated petit fours, juice and welcome giveaways included leaflets regarding blood donation were distributed. Finally, BMED students presented the Lebanese Red Cross-Tyre section a shield as a small gesture. The shield was handed by Mr Hussein Farhat, the administrative director of LIU-Tyre.



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