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Below are lists of frequently asked question about LIU.
If your question is not listed below, please send us an email at info@liu.edu.lb for a prompt response.

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How much Financial Aid do you usually give?

>> It depends;
our priority is to help the student learn.The percentage of the Financial Aid depends on two main situations;
the academic one and the social one.

Do you have dorms?

>> Yes, we have dorms for boys and dorms for girls, you have to refer to Mrs. Farah Takieddine in the student affairs office, block B 1st floor.

Where are the fees paid?

>> Fees are paid in one of the following banks, or through its ATMs, Bank Audi /Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon (IBL) I First National Bank (FNB) or Societe Generale (SGBL)

Is the attendance obligatory?

>> Yes, attendance is obligatory, if you exceed the entitled number of absents you will be withdrawn from your registered class (es).

Can the placement tests be done in French Language?

>> All exams other than the English placement test can be done in French language.

If we have SAT1/ SAT2 or TOFEL, can we be exempted from the English placement test?

>> You will only getexempted from the English placement test if you do the International TOFEUInternet based and got a score of 76 and above.

If I got high grades in the Official exams, will I get a scholarship?

>> Yes, if you got high grades in the official BACC II, that will help you get higher percentage of financial aid.

How are the courses timed? Are there classes in the afternoon?

>> Core courses are available throughout the day and the student can choose the suitable offering.

How many English remedial levels are there?

>> There are 3 remedial levels, the level of each student will bedetermined from the English placement test score that he/ she will sit for. If the student got a score of 70 and above, he/she will be exempted.

How many credits can I register per semester?

>> In fall and spring semester, you are allowed to register maximum 18 credits in each one. In summer semester you are allowed to register maximum of 8 credits.

How much time do you need to respond concerning the number of transferred courses?

>> We need maximum 1 week to give you the answer, unless the major is pharmacy, it might take more time.

Why the pharmacy students do not have financial aid?

>> We can't provide financial aid for pharmacy students due to the small number accepted in the mentioned school.

Why don't you transfer credits for LT students?

>> This decision is taken by the ministry of Higher Education and not by the University.

What are the activities made the University?

>> We almost have all the sport activities, in addition to the chess club for more information you can contact Mr. Awad Merhi in block B first floor.

If a student does not know the Arabic Language, what other substitute can the student take?

>> The Arabic course can be substituted by any language course or by course called introduction to communication studies.

What are the scores of SAT I and SAT II for both freshmen arts and freshmen sciences?

>> The sum of SAT I and SATil scores should be 2600 for freshmen arts and 2750 for freshmen sciences.

Is there any sample for the entrance placement tests?

>> No, but all exams are multiple choice questions except for English test it has an extra part which is an essay to write.

How many credits do you transfer forTS students?

>> We transfer 48% for TS students under the condition that the student gets a score of 12/20 and above on the official TS3.



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