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List of Advisors

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Advisors Campus
Dr. Adnan H Harb Beirut
Dr. Ahmad M Haddad Tripoli, Akkar
Dr. Ahmad Mehiedeen Bekaa
Dr. Ali H Assi Beirut
Dr. Hassan M Bazzi Beirut
Dr. Hayssam F Hajj-El Mount Lebanon, Beirut
Dr. Hussein F Kassem Tyre
Dr. Khaled A Chahine Beirut, Jdeideh
Dr. Marc S Mannah Tripoli, Beirut
Dr. Nabil S AbdelKarim Tripoli, Beirut
Dr. Rabih ismail Rammal Nabatieh, Beirut
Dr. Rodrigue Elias Beirut, Tripoli
Dr. Mohamad Arnaout Saida , Rayak

Industrial Engineering

Advisors Campus
Dr. Bassam Hussein Beirut
Mr. Ibrahim Serhan Beirut

Biomedical Engineering

Advisors Campus
Dr. Mohamad Hajj-Hassan Beirut , Saida
Dr. Ali Hage Diab Rayak , Bekaa
Dr. Soha Saleh Beirut , Saida

Surveying Engineering

Advisors Campus
Dr. Mohamad Abboud Beirut, Rayak
Dr. Sami Makdissi Beirut

Computer and Communication Engineering

Advisors Campus
Dr. Ali Al Ghouwayel Beirut, Saida
Dr. Hussein Hijazi Beirut, Saida
Dr. Ismail El Sayad Beirut, Tyre
Dr. Majd Ghareeb Beirut, Nabatieh
Dr. Michel Nahas Beirut, Tripoli
Dr. Milad Ghantous Beirut, Tripoli
Dr. Mohamad Habli Saida, Nabatieh
Dr. Mohammad Raad Beirut, Rayak
Mr. Samih Abdulnabi Beirut, Mount Lebanon
Dr. Zaher Merhi Beirut, Tripoli
Dr. Zouhair El-Bazzal Bekaa, Rayak

Mechanical Engineering

Advisors Campus
Dr. Hisham El Hage Beirut, Saida
Dr. Ali Shaito Beirut, Saida
Dr. Ali Al Shaer Beirut
Dr. Bakri Abdul Hay Tripoli, Beirut
Dr. Mohammad Hammoud Nabatieh, Tyre
Dr. Youssef Abou Msallem Bekaa, Rayak
Dr. Farouk Hachem Bekaa
Dr. Ali Hallal Nabatieh, Tyre
Dr. Mahmoud Khaled Beirut, Saida
Dr. Charbel Habchi Mount Lebanon, Beirut
Dr. Mostafa Gad El Rab Beirut, Saida
Mrs. Faten Ghazzai Beirut, Saida
Dr. Mohammad Ramadan Beirut, Saida
Dr. Mehdi Chouman Beirut, Saida
Dr. Mostafa El Kady Mount Lebanon, Beirut
Dr. Omar Melhem Tripoli, Akkar


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