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Admission and Registration office

As a new student, at the Admission and Registration Office you can:

  • Pick-up applications from new applicants
  • Pick-up you placement exams results
  • Find vital information, like the how to fill out an application, information about the university, majors, papers required, entrance exams, fees of entrance exams and credit price)
  • Generating ID’s and distributing ID cards
  • Get help transferring to LIU from another campus or university.

For old students they can:

  • Help you with the change of major process
  • Provide you with transcripts ( official, student copy) and curriculums
  • Resetting lost or forgotten UMS passwords
  • Help you solve UMS blockage (academic and financial)
  • Facilitate your study at a different LIU campus
  • Inform you of any changes in your curriculum
  • Accept and deliver your petitions
  • Aid you with your registration ( grant, deny , drop, add and change sections)
  • Solve exam conflicts and make up exams




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