The 2ND Local

Economics & Tourism

MAY 18-19


Under the Patronage of H.E. Mr. Mohammad Kabbara; Minister of Labor, the School of Business at the Lebanese International University is delighted to invite you to the 2nd Local Economics and Tourism conference titled:

Migration and Immigration;
Effects and Consequences on the Lebanese Economy and the Tourism Sector.

We intend to publish articles with Cambridge Scholars Publishing in a book of articles after peer review.

    The 1st Local Economics
and Tourism Conference

Abstract submission deadline: January 16, 2017

Paper submission deadline: April 1st, 2017

Conference Date: May 18 and 19, 2017

Lebanese International University, Beirut Campus

Amphitheatre Block D

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Nadine Sinno
  • Mr. Mohammad Makki

Reviewing Committee

  • Dr. Anwar Kawtharani, Dean of SoEd
  • Dr. Farid Abdallah, Dean of SOBU
  • Dr. Nadine Sinno, Hospitality and Tourism Department Chair
  • Dr. Layal Mansour
  • Dr. Sandra Ghosn
  • Dr. Sam El Nemer, MBA Program Director

Political regional instability induced high numbers of immigrants fleeing from the Arab countries especially Syria. Also, the falling oil prices in the Gulf countries forced vast numbers of migrants to return to their home country with minimal job chances. Characterized by slow economic growth, high unemployment and uncontrolled levels of inflation, the Lebanese economy is tumbling to provide solid action plans to overcome the dramatic facts.

The purpose of the 2nd Local Economics and Tourism conference is to provide a channel for information exchange between researchers in the economics, tourism and business fields, to generate academic work in the mentioned arenas. The conference chairs invite researchers to submit contributed papers to be presented on both days. The papers will be reviewed and selected based on the quality and originality of the research.

The conference tracks are listed below:

T1: Migration and Immigration; Consequences and Effects on the Labor Market

  • Effects on wage rate and unemployment rate
  • Contribution of the Tourism Sector on poverty reduction and job opportunities

T2: Economic Indicators; Tracking Changes Before and After the Syrian Conflict

  • Growth rate
  • Price level
  • Remittances
  • Balance of trade

T3: United Nations

  • UN donations to immigrants
  • UN education projects
  • UN Tourism projects

T4: The Social Impacts and Consequences of Immigration

  • Social problems and action plans by Internal Security
  • Action plans by Tourism Stake holders
  • Customer Service and Consumer Behavior (Empowerment of local community)

The full papers are expected by April 1st 2017.

Please send your full paper via email to

Registration will be announced later

An application form including the following points should be submitted by attendees and authors

The application should include the following icons:

a- Full Name
b- Educational Background
c- Job title
d- Affiliation
e- Attending dates
f- Contact number
g- Email
h- If author, submit resume


Telephone: +961-1-706881,2,3,4 Ext: 12603 and 12604