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University Administration

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H.E. Abdul Rahim Mourad, President
Samir Abou Nassif, PhD, Vice President
Hassan Mourad, Vice President
Ali Tarabay, PhD, Provost

Academic Directors

Ahmad Faraj, PhD, Academic Director, Bekaa Campus
Gaby Khoury, PhD, Academic Director, Mount Lebanon Campus
George Matta, PhD, Academic Director, Tripoli Campus
Hassan Hajjhussein, PhD, Academic Director, Rayak Campus
Hassan Khachfe, PhD, Academic Director, Nabatieh Campus
Saleh Abdulal, PhD, Academic Director, Tyre Campus

Accounting Office

Bassel Rihan, MBA, Head of Accounting Department

Administrative Directors

Ahmad Ahdab, PhD, Administrative Director, Tripoli Campus
Bassem Hazimah, BS, Administrative Director, Bekaa and Rayak Campus.
Khaled Mourad, MS, Administrative Director, Saida Campus
Hussein Farhat, BA, Administrative Director, Tyre Campus
Khaldoun Ayoub, Administrative Director, Akkar Campus
Omar Mourad, BA, Administrative Director, Mount Lebanon Campus
Wael Rabah, BA, Administrative Director, Nabatieh Campus

Development Office

Haydar Moussalem, ME, CISA, Director of IT Applications and solutions

Human Resources

Zeinab Abou Nassif, BA, Director of Human Resources

Media/Public Relations/Financial Aid Office

Wael M. Ayoub Salloum, BS, MS
Ayman Dahrouj, MA, Director - Bekaa Campus

Registrar & Admission

  • Dr. Walid Saifi

School Deans

School of Arts & Sciences
Tarek Harb, PhD, Dean
School of Business
Farid Abdallah, PhD, Dean
School of Education
Anwar Kawtharani, PhD, Dean
School of Engineering
Amin Hajj-Ali, PhD, Dean
School of Pharmacy
Mohamad Rahal, PhD, Dean

Students Affairs

Mrs. Farah Takieddine





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