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Board of Trustees


1. H.E. Mr. Adnan Omran.
    General Secretary of the Arab Parliament, Ex-Minister (Syria).

2. H.E. Dr. Ali Eddine Hilal.
    Full Professor in Cairo University,Ex-Minister (Egypt).

3. H.E. Mr. Amro Moussa
    General Secretary for the League of Arab States (Egypt).

4. H.E. Mr. Bshara Merhej.
    Ex-Minister (Lebanon).

5. Mr. Hassan Mourad.
    Vice President, LIU, (Lebanon).

6. Dr. Houda Jamal Abdel Nasser.
    Political Science Professor, Cairo University (Egypt).

7. Dr. Kabalan Kabalan.
     Lawyer, Chief of South Council (Lebanon).

8. H.E. Dr. Karam Karam.
    Ex-Minister (Lebanon).

9. H.E. Lakhdar Lebrahimi.
       Asst. to the General Secretary of the United Nations, Ex-Minister (Algeria).

10. Dr. Magdy Hammad.
      President, Board of Trustees, LIU (Egypt).

11. H.E. Mr. Mohammed Fayek.
       Vice President of the National Council for Human Rights, Ex-Minister (Egypt).

12. H.E. Dr. Moufeed Shehab.
       Ex-Minister (Egypt).

13. H.E. Mr. Salim Al Zoubi.
       Lawyer, Ex-Minister (Jordan).

14. Dr. Samir Abou Nassif
       Vice President, LIU, (Lebanon).

15. H.E. Dr. Youssef Al Hassan.
      Ambassador, General Director of Emirates Diplomatic Institute (U.A.E.).





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